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The website is operated as part of the programme of the Polish Ministry of Education and Science – Social Responsibility of Science.

The project is carried out by Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.

Project name: Law of new technologies – drones, electromobility. Innovation, development, security.

The state-funded project was accepted for funding in the context of a competition launched by the Minister of Education and Science on 8 March 2021 as part of the “Social Responsibility of Science” programme.

Value of aid: PLN 235,087,00. Total cost of the project: PLN 265.087,00

The aim of the project is to promote scientific research in the field of the law of new technologies by disseminating knowledge of the legislation on unmanned aerial vehicles – drones – in particular their operation, design, the obligations of operators and pilots, the obligations of public actors in the field of electromobility and the support mechanisms for users.

Project manager: Dr. Maciej Szmigiero


The law of new technologies – drones, electromobility. Innovation, development, safety.

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